Headband is the trend:
How to style your hair with the hottest hair accessory of the year
Headband: the accessory that can go with anything. Worn with modern outfits, or with classic looks, headbands are trendier than ever.
Today we introduce you to a headband that will give you that flawless look we always look for, and that gives the wearer a somewhat flamboyant air.
 Even if you are not a ‘headband person’, it is guaranteed this effortlessly chic headband will literally suit everyone!
 The Plisse’ Silk pleated headband with bow.
 WHY WE LOVE IT: Handmade by Giulia and Caterina in our Milanese Atelier, this piece has been carefully pleated. Keep it classic by tying the bow in an elegant knot around your neck. This will add a WOW touch even to the most casual outfit.
How to style 1: With your hair loose. Wear it and take the two longer ends on the left and right. Tie the ends into a knot at the center of your neck.
Style with Braid - Bohemian Look

How to style 2: In a braid. For a bohemian look, take the two tails of the ribbon, divide your hair in three parts, and gently start wrapping the two ends around your hair to finally achieve a ribbon braided finish.

Headband is the trend

That’s it!

This headband is chic and fun but also fiercely flattering - adding a statement to even the most basic haircut.