Ciao Italia, ciao mare!
Marzoline x Luisa Bertoldo x Bagni Luisa Collaboration
It was October last year that Allegra and I thought of joining our creativity and free spirit mood with the beautiful soul that is Luisa Bertoldo. Luisa is the strategic mind and founder of Luisa Bertoldo Press Office in Milan, curating everything from Design, Fashion, Food and Beauty.
She is also the founder of Bagni Luisa, which she defines as “ a line of simple objects with an Italian vibe”. That is true! Bagni Luisa is all about the Italian culture and heritage, an invitation to explore what our beautiful country has to offer and is reflected in the t-shirts, swimsuits and other launches the brand did
Luisa Bertoldo - Bagni Luisa Bagni Luisa per Marzoline 
This time we decided to join forces in creating a capsule collection of scrunchies inspired by Bagni Luisa Italian sailor spirit. After many joyful meetings, fabrics scouting and pattern making, our collaboration came alive: a selection of silk and stripe silk scrunchies in navy, red, and green. Pieces were available in both normal and small size, with detachable tails for multi way use. Why not wear your scrunchie around your wrist too? Or as a ponytail on your mini?
To celebrate the launch, we hosted in December 2019 a lovely cocktail with all sailor things inspired, at the now closed Lizard Concept boutique in Milan’ elegant Via Circo.
The full collection was available on our website and to purchase at Lizard for that night only, and our dearest embroider Monica would make a scrunchie the perfect christmas gift by personalizing it with hand embroidered initials.